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burn belly fat

Losing weight, especially belly fats, can be stubborn and requires a lot of commitment. Losing belly fat is quite challenging because it is hard to increase fat metabolism in one part of your body.

However, even if slashing off some fat belly can seem impossible, it is essential to try your best to lose it because your belly can be the most dangerous place to store fats because of deep abdominal fat or the visceral fat that usually surrounds your organs are temporary. This fat can circulate throughout the bloodstream often, and it can raise the number of fats in the blood, thus raising the blood sugar levels and putting one at a greater risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

reduce belly fat

Therefore, since the belly fats whether upper or lower belly is bad, you are advised to come up with different ways of ensuring you lose them if you have them. Below are various ways of doing away with belly fat once and for all.

12 Easy Ways To Burn Upper Belly Fat

  1. Ensuring you are eating plenty of fiber fats
eating fibre fats

Eating soluble fibers enables you to lose weight by allowing you to feel full quickly or provide you with early satiety, thus reducing the amount of food you have consumed in every meal. The soluble fibers also absorb water forming a gel that slows food flow as it passes through your digestive tract, making one not feel hungry faster because your digestion, absorption, and elimination are all slowed. It, therefore, makes soluble fibers effective in fighting stubborn belly fat. Some of the excellent sources of soluble fibers are avocados, flax seeds, blackberries, shirataki noodles, legumes, and Brussels sprouts.

  1. Avoiding foods that have Trans fats
avoid trans fats

When hydrogen is pumped into unsaturated fats, they are referred to as trans fats like soybean oil. Trans fats are also found in spreads and margarine and are also added in packaged foods, making most producers stop using them. The fats are said to cause heart disease, abdominal fat gain, inflammation, and insulin resistance diabetes. Therefore if you want to reduce belly fat, you are always encouraged to read ingredient labels to ensure your purchasing does not contain trans fats.

  1. Stop consuming too much alcohol.

Even though alcohol is known to have some minor health benefits, too much consumption can be seriously harmful to your health. Excess drinking can make you have belly fats and cause central obesity, which is an excess storage of fats on your belly. Therefore reducing the amount of alcohol you are consuming can help reduce your waist size. Even though it is hard to stop drinking alcohol suddenly, you can reduce the amount of alcohol you have been drinking per day. If you reduce the amount of alcohol by one drink less, the belly fat will gradually reduce.

  1. Ensure you are eating a high protein diet.
high protein diet

Eating a high protein diet decreases your appetite because proteins increase the fullness hormone release, promoting early satisfaction or fullness. Therefore protein is an essential nutrient that supports weight loss. It also raises your metabolic rate hence enabling you to maintain your muscles during the weight-loss period. Foods rich in proteins are beans, fish, whey protein, meat, dairy, and eggs.

  1. Avoid unnecessary stress
no stress

Excess stress can make one start gaining belly fat because it triggers your adrenal glands to release cortisol, referred to as the stress hormone. A high level of the stress hormone raises your appetite and also increases abdominal fat storage. For instance, women who have a big waist tend to release more cortisol if stressed, making them add more fat. Therefore to reduce fat belly, you are encouraged to engage in pleasurable activities and adopt mechanisms that relieve stress. Some medications or practicing yoga are some helpful methods of reducing stress.

  1. Stop eating sugary foods.

Sugary foods contain fructose, which can lead to several chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and fatty liver disease if consumed in large amounts. An increase in sugar intake results in excess storage of fats on your abdomen. It is essential to note that refined sugars can result in fat gain and use even natural sugars like honey in limited amounts.

  1. Take part in cardio or aerobic exercises.
take part in exercises

Taking part in cardio exercises helps you burn calories in your body hence improving your health status. Cardio or aerobic exercises also burn belly fat even though no precise results of if moderate or high intensity of cardio workouts is more beneficial or not. Postmenopausal women also lose fats in all areas if they engage in cardio exercises.

  1. Reduce the number of refined carbs in your diet
take yoghurt

Reducing the intake of carbs is essential in general weight management, significantly when reducing abdominal fats. However, reducing the carb intake does not necessarily mean you do away with carbs because replacing the refined carbs with unprocessed carbs improves your metabolic health and causes belly fat loss.

  1. Try replacing some cooking fats with coconut oil.
consumption of coconut

One of the healthiest fats you can eat is coconut oil because it decreases the number of fats that would be stored with high-calorie intake and boosts your metabolic rate. It thus results in abdominal fat loss. Even though the evidence that supports coconut oil is effective in causing belly fat loss is weak, you can use it for your health benefits because it contains high levels of calories; therefore, instead of adding excess fats into your diet, use coconut oil to replace some fats.

10. Ensure you get enough sleep.

get good sleep

Sleep is an essential component of your health, including weight. Most people who do not have enough sleep gain weight, especially belly fat. Sleep apnea is one of the conditions that is known to result in visceral fat gain. Therefore you are encouraged to sleep for at least seven hours a night and ensure you are getting enough quality sleep.

  1. Avoid drinking fruit juice.
stop sugary foods

Even though fruit juice provides you with minerals and vitamins, the sugars are high in soda and sweetened beverages that make you gain abdominal fat. You are hence encouraged to replace fruit juice with water.

  1. Do some weight lifts.

Weight lifts or resistance training helps you burn abdominal fat and makes you gain muscle mass.

In summary, losing belly fat is not an easy task, and there is no magic to help you lose it. All you are required to do is make some effort, persevere, and commit. Therefore, if you adopt the above lifestyle goals and strategies, you will reduce both upper and lower belly fat around your waist.



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