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12 Easy Ways To Burn Upper Belly Fat

reduce belly fat

You should know what causes belly fat to prevent it from accumulating around the waist. Read on to learn about the causes of it and 12 easy ways to burn upper belly fat

Belly fat can result from a dormant lifestyle that makes a person accumulate the fats due to inactivity.

Inactivity causes Belly Fat:

One becomes inactive due to severe illness, due to an accident.  Even people who become aged also become inactive. We all know that to keep good health we have to consume good food and the quantity required according to our appetite. This differs for each person.  Food eaten is to be properly chewed in the mouth mixing it with saliva and then sent down the food pipe in semi-liquid form. When food is not properly chewed in the mouth and required saliva is not secreted, food when reaches the stomach will not be digested fully. Improperly chewed food will be pushed out from the digestive system without converting to blood.  Inactivity starts here, from the mouth, not doing its duty properly.

Talking while eating is also a bad habit, as you are partially not aware of what you are doing,  you do not chew the food properly. Along with food air is also goes into the digestive tract and creates gastric trouble. You will be doing this repeatedly for years, sending partially digested food in your system and the undigested food will leave tons of toxin deposits throughout your body, and these toxins do not leave your body until you become aware and take action.

Breathing properly is the next activity that your body requires for the proper assimilation of food. Many of us do not have steady systematic breathing. A weak person’s breathing will be shallow. This type of breathing does not supply enough oxygen required to his body. Our breathing should be deep, and steady. In this type of breathing much oxygen is pumped into our system, and this maintains our good health.

Wrong sitting postures disturb our breathing patterns and intake of air gets affected. Most of us do not sit upright with our spine straight and relaxed. We sit with a bent backbone, or in every possible lethargic posture, which obstructs proper breathing. Oxygen plays a very important role in eliminating a great number of toxins from our bodies. When toxins do not leave our body, excessive fats also stay.

Lack of physical exercise leaves us with huge fat accumulation throughout our body and especially around our belly. Physical exercises should be performed, by each individual depending on the quantity of regular food intake. If you fall short of exercise, this tends to increase belly fat quite gradually.

Overeating also causes belly fat.  When individuals consume more food than they can process and convert to energy, the excess fats can be stored around the belly.

Anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep can also lead to belly fat in some people.

Easy Ways to Burn Upper Belly Fat

  1. · Accept Behavior Change

You can lose weight when you have the right attitude and awareness of your decisions. For instance, if you know you have a plan well set out, it becomes easier to stick with a diet and how much you will be eating. The awareness and planning help you stay on track and lose weight. When you intentionally change your lifestyle, it becomes easy to avoid comfort food which contributes to weight gain.

  1. · Track Your Calories

A weight-loss app can help you learn about the weight gained or lost within a given time. It can guide you in developing a nutritional plan and exercise routine which helps maintain optimum weight.

  1. · Focus On How Your Clothes Fit Rather Than The Reading The Scale.

When you lose belly fat, you could gain lean muscle mass, and the lost weight might not reflect on the scale. However, the clothes will fit well, which is a mark of progress. Measuring around the waist might show reduced inches and fat loss.

reduce belly fat
  1. Cook More Often and Read Labels

Home-cooked food includes different healthy varieties of food. Moreover, it is easy to adopt healthier preparation which is crucial for weight loss. You may start searching for healthy food recipes and follow instructions clearly to achieve the desired results. Home-cooked food is clean and safe.

You can compare and contrast food brands to get the right ingredients that can help reduce weight. You might find that a food brand has low fat in their products, but they have higher sugar and other elements that are not suitable for weight loss. It is wise to opt for organic ingredients in your food.

avoid salt to burn belly fat


5.Avoid Salt

Salt can lead to belly water retention, and it is wise to limit it in your diet.  More salt intake leads to high blood pressure and this may result in heart problems. Even kidneys get affected.

Salt cannot be omitted completely, as our body uses salt to balance fluids in the blood. When there is a balanced intake of salt, healthy blood pressure is well maintained.  You can use it in small quantities and opt for flavored food herbs and spices.

high protein diet


6· Eat Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is rich in high-quality proteins like Omega 3&6, which can protect you from diseases and reduce visceral fat. Oily fish had a large number of good fats. This will provide great health benefits to our nerves and brain. You can eat 2 to 3 servings of fatty fish per week; some of these fishes include herring, sardines, salmon, and mackerel

apple cider vinegar


7· Add Apple Cider Vinegar To Your Diet

Apple cider vinegar reduces abdominal fat and lowers blood sugar. However, you should dilute the vinegar in water properly to prevent enamel corrosion due to acidity.

take yoghurt


8· Eat Probiotic Foods

Probiotics found in foods such as Greek yogurt and some food supplements have health benefits. It can enhance immunity against diseases and improve gut health and prevent belly fat. Yogurt contains good bacteria which helps in reducing belly fats.

9· Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting involves eating and fasting to reduce body weight, leading to a reduction in belly fat. You should be aware of what you are eating, good quality food and the right quantity of food which will suit your body which will keep you in good health.

If you are habituated to eating in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make an assertion initially, to fast without eating in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Continue, with the same quantity of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This can be the stepping stone to success, to reduce body fats.

Secondly,  after a month or two, you can skip dinner once or twice a week, depending on your health. After two months you will notice great changes in your body. Now, focus on how your clothes fit. It would have become loose-fitting. Once you are set to sacrifice your dinner  Although intermittent fasting is among the best methods of losing belly fat, it is wise to stop adverse side effects.

green tea


  1. Drink Green Tea.

Green tea is healthy and has antioxidants that boost metabolism and can help you lose belly fat. It is better to combine green tea with exercises and other lifestyle choices to lose belly fat.

11· Hang With Health-Focused Friends

You can exercise more and eat healthier when surrounded by family and friends conscious about their health. Moreover, you can find a support group that can help you achieve weight-loss ambitions.

12· Walk Every Day and Do Sit-Ups

Walking is pretty good and does not require too much straining, and can act as a good entry point to weight loss. You can start slowly and increase the miles as you gain momentum. Sit-ups can help firm the stomach muscles and reduce belly fat. You can indulge in the sit-ups by laying on your back with knees bent up, feet on the ground, hands behind the head, and lift the upper body without pulling the neck.


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